Begin Teaching

I am utter crap when it comes to personal productivity.My default setting is:“Is the deadline so close that I can hardly breath?”If the answer is yes, I get to it and plug away.But what happens most of the time is I answer “No”.Because if the pressure of the deadline is not crushing me then I’ve […]

The Number 1 Sales Killer

I want to talk I bit about sales. In particular, the sales person.You see, my friend was talking about making your “copy” better and he brought up the idea that you need to sound like someone who is smart and worth listening to.So, when I think of someone who thinks they are smart and worth […]

I Am A Writer

One simple pleasure I allow myself every day is writing.I love pens, I love pencils, and I love the way they feel on a good bit of paper.I have a massive supply of pencils, paper, and pens so that I can enjoy the art of writing anytime I choose.But, it wasn’t always like this.Back in […]

So, What Is Attraction Marketing?

I want you to follow along with me here for a bit.Let’s say you went to a little shin dig and you met a few new people there. It was a pretty fun time and that job thing never came up the whole time you were there.All you know is these new people are pretty […]

What Did You Learn Today?

I have this problem of getting trapped in learning mode.You see, way back in the day when I joined my first network marketing company, my sponsor would always tell me to work on myself. That meant attend all the training calls that I could, show up to as many live events as I could, and […]

A Small Step Is Enough For Success

There are days that I just think“You know what, I don’t want to do anything today.”Heck, I have been in a slump for the past few weeks where I have actually let that thought determine my day.And what has the past few weeks done for my business?Well, if we are talking about immediate results, there […]

Let’s Get Back to Basics

Fresh Oranges

I spent more than a third of my life working for government agencies, and the one thing everyone will agree about the government sector is they love their acronyms. But even after all those years and all those acronyms the one that I remember and the one I use most is from my Dad. Years […]

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