Top 10 Productivity Killers

There are many modern marvels of technology that help us get our work done with greater efficiency. The problem is that many of these productivity boosters are also productivity killers.Have you ever jumped on Facebook to go over your ads performance and got stuck for 30-minutes or more scrolling through the timeline? How about your […]

Use Savers To Hack Your Morning Mindset

Your day will follow the way you start your morning.Your day actually starts when you go to bed. If you are moaning about how you will be tired because you only have 5 hours to get any sleep, then you will wake tired, and you will have the same complaints in the morning. How many […]

What Are Your High-Value Activities?

I run into a lot of people whose main goal when starting an online business is to fire their boss.I know that was my main goal for the longest time. And after a few years I did just that. But I did it the wrong way.You see, for some reason I was convinced that the […]

What Are Notifications Doing to Your Productivity?

Have you ever left your phone at home?You’re running a little later than usual and you rush out the door forgetting to pull your phone from its charging cable. You don’t notice until you are sitting at your desk and it’s too late to do anything about it.You feel naked and alone. Personally, I have […]

What is Your Time Worth?

Time is a funny thing, for some reason most people don’t grasp how important time is until they’ve run out.There is no way that we can get the time we have used back.It doesn’t matter how you use it. Use it with intention or let it pass you by. Time will be spent no matter […]

Applying The 80/20 Rule To Your Home Business

Your time is the most valuable thing you own. It is also the thing that you control the most.If you are not controlling your time something needs to change. Days that you wish you had another hour to get more done, when you are frustrated that the day is too short. Is time just slipping […]

Make Your Goals Stick

If you are not crystal clear on your goals,and if they are in any way vague, or if there’s any obscurity around them whatsoever, it’s highly unlikely you will ever get where you want to go.Now, if you have ever done any kind of goal setting before, and you found it boring or ineffective or […]

Getting Things Done – A Primer

What is Getting Things Done?Getting Things Done is a book and a productivity system created by David Allen. Getting things done, or GTD, is a framework for organizing and tracking your tasks and projects. GTD may be thought of as just a productivity method but it is much more than that. The aim is to create […]

Begin Teaching

I am utter crap when it comes to personal productivity.My default setting is:“Is the deadline so close that I can hardly breath?”If the answer is yes, I get to it and plug away.But what happens most of the time is I answer “No”.Because if the pressure of the deadline is not crushing me then I’ve […]

The Number 1 Sales Killer

I want to talk I bit about sales. In particular, the sales person.You see, my friend was talking about making your “copy” better and he brought up the idea that you need to sound like someone who is smart and worth listening to.So, when I think of someone who thinks they are smart and worth […]

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