Get to Know Follow-up

If you are new to Internet Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing you may have come across articles or training about follow-up. For the longest time I had no idea what this term meant. It was a real struggle to gather up the courage to actually admit to my sponsor that I did not understand what the […]

Organize Your Tasks by Time Horizon

If you have been following the Extreme Productivity series you should have written down all of your tasks and goals for the day and the future. If you have not yet recorded your tasks check out the previous post about getting your tasks and goals down.Once you have a list of wants, desires, goals, and […]

Supercharge Your Productivity by Moving

One thing that I enjoy doing in my free time is reading about how big time successful people start off their day.One thing that holds true for every one of them is they incorporate exercise into their daily life.There was a time in my life where I was running no less than 60 miles a […]

Write Everything Down

The first step to setting and prioritizing your goals is to write everything down. Write down everything you are currently doing and everything you are planning to do.Take some time and really give this a go.Just let the ideas and thoughts flow.Don’t waste time by editing.Put everything that comes to mind down. Nothing is too […]

Setting and Prioritizing Your Goals

Years ago I was working for the postal service.I had a 10-year goal of being hired as a full-time supervisor. In order for that to happen I needed to accomplish a number of tasks during my postal career in order to be considered as a full-time supervisor. The way I decided to approach that goal was […]

3 Big Ideas To Maximize Your Productivity

A friend of mind suggested that I read Extreme Productivity by Robert C. Pozen.​This is the first I had heard of this book. As I was reading through the introduction I realized that this guy has been able to do many things with the time he has been allotted.A lot more than I have, that is […]

Top 10 Productivity Killers

There are many modern marvels of technology that help us get our work done with greater efficiency. The problem is that many of these productivity boosters are also productivity killers.Have you ever jumped on Facebook to go over your ads performance and got stuck for 30-minutes or more scrolling through the timeline? How about your […]

Use Savers To Hack Your Morning Mindset

Your day will follow the way you start your morning.Your day actually starts when you go to bed. If you are moaning about how you will be tired because you only have 5 hours to get any sleep, then you will wake tired, and you will have the same complaints in the morning. How many […]

What Are Your High-Value Activities?

I run into a lot of people whose main goal when starting an online business is to fire their boss.I know that was my main goal for the longest time. And after a few years I did just that. But I did it the wrong way.You see, for some reason I was convinced that the […]

What Are Notifications Doing to Your Productivity?

Have you ever left your phone at home?You’re running a little later than usual and you rush out the door forgetting to pull your phone from its charging cable. You don’t notice until you are sitting at your desk and it’s too late to do anything about it.You feel naked and alone. Personally, I have […]

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